15 Handmade Gift Ideas for High School Teachers (Who Have a Sense of Humor)

When I was young, my mom would take me shopping to buy gifts for my teachers. We would pick out personalized ornaments, boxes of candy, and gift cards for all of my teachers.  This all seemed to stop after 6th grade.

Now that I am a high school teacher, I think this is a real shame. High school teachers work incredibly hard to motivate disinterested teenagers, and they do it with cool heads and love in their hearts.

On the day before Christmas break, kids actually ask me for presents. Then they complain that I’m making them do work. When they leave,  I have to clean up their candy cane pieces out of the carpet.

So when a parent sends in something…anything…anything at all, it makes me feel really good. Like there’s someone else out there who knows that I really care about their kid.  Honestly, it could be anything. A lottery ticket. A candy cane and a note. Or just a note.  Anything you send will make a high school teacher’s day.

I know you’re busy, and you think your kids are too old to bring gifts for their teachers. Let me tell you something, high school teachers are the easiest people for which to buy. Here’s why:

1.) We are not expecting anything, so we have very low standards.

2.) We all teach a specific subject, and we are obsessed with it. History, math, science, English, art… All you have to do is search “gifts with the periodic table,” and bam, you have something to give a chemistry teacher.

3.) As a high school teacher, a sense of humor is the #1 key to survival. For the most part, you don’t need to be sentimental in your gift-giving; you only need to be slightly funny.

4.) Or you could be sentimental. Nobody ever tells us that they like us. In fact, your kids tells us that they hate us. And that they hate our subject. And that they hate the way we dress. And how our class is so boring. They fall asleep while we are teaching. So yeah, maybe find something kind and sentimental.

I’m not saying that I need a gift for teaching your child, but if you feel so inclined, I’ve put together this list to help you. It’s a few ideas for you to make a high school teacher’s holiday season a little brighter. Some are subject-orientated. Some are funny. Many of them will require several layers of wrapping before sending into school. You can always send in a gift card (we have no money, so we’ll definitely appreciate it), but since I run a handmade business, I have only featured handmade items in my list.

So here it is:

15 Handmade Gifts for High School Teachers (Who Have A Sense of Humor) 

#1 Being a Teacher is Easy Bag, The Hold Fastery, $13

We bring home papers to grade, and this bag makes me laugh.


#2 Author Bookmarks, RyanSheffield, $5 for a set of 5

These bookmarks are simple. They are meaningful. And you can split a $5.00 set of 5 between 5 different teachers.



#3 World’s Best Teacher Bottle Opener, GroomsmenGiftShoppe, $16

Multiple ways to open multiple bottles.


#4 Abraham Lincoln Necktie, ScatterbrainTies, $38

Because history teachers like to dress in style.


#5  Scientific Method Button/Magnet, beanforest, $1.5o

If this one doesn’t make you smile, Beanforest has 616 other options.


#6 Read Harder Wine Glass, PenEndeavors, $12

And a wine store gift card… Give the very best.



#7 Of Mice and Men Shirt, HoneysuckleInPrint (My Own Shop!)

New for the list in 2018 is a classic quote from American Literature. Know any English teachers? Yeah, they all like this book. A safe and funny bet for a great gift.

#8 Chill Pill Essential Oil, OrganicCrushShop, $9.75

It’s for stress relief, anxiety AND depression: the big three of teachers everywhere.


#9 My Life is a Circus Notebook, girlwitharadiomind, $4

Enough said.


#10 Funny Teacher Magnets, GreenGypsies, $10

And hopefully the recipient hangs these on their refrigerator at home, not in the classroom.


#11 Declaration Rocks Glass, theUncommonGreen, $13

If a history teacher can get your kid excited about the Founding Fathers, she/he probably deserves some hard liquor.


#12 Shakespeare Keychain, ShakespearesSisters, $8.50

A student gave me a keychain back in 2010, and I still use it today. This one is a little darker.


#13 Sassy Adult Llama Stickers, PlanningMadeEasy, $5.00

Teachers should get stickers, too.


#14 Things We Love Coaster, coconutgrass, $8.23

I would really love this list of great things about myself as printed on a coaster.


#15 Mature Pencils- EasilySuede, $4.85 for 3 pencils

There’s a cute set with a bunch of pi digits. Or there’s this set…which will make *any *high school teacher laugh.

*Provided they have a sense of humor.


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