I bought a new skirt, and I wore it to school today. It was LuLaRoe which I almost hate to admit because I try to avoid bandwagons. Also, some of those patterns are way too much.

I like my LuLaRoe skirt, but you are never going to see me with this pattern on my legs.

My Cassie skirt was black with a very tame pattern in a couple of bold colors. I usually wear solids, so I could see that the kids’ minds were blown. One student walked in dumbounded and asked, “Ms. Mitchell, are you wearing a carpet?” I’d like to believe that he meant that in a positive way.

Still, the skirt was very comfortable and I wore it with an old baggy black sweater, which the fifteen-year-old girls told me I needed to throw away. I said I might, as it is important to look like I am taking their suggestions seriously, but I never will. I am never throwing that sweater away.

Anyhow, the teenagers all said that I looked really nice. I think I heard it twenty times today.

The thing was, I didn’t really look all that nice. I just wore a skirt.  I didn’t wash my hair that day, and my makeup was the same as usual. I actually wore that knee-length skirt while I unashamedly rocked paint and stain speckles all over my legs. (Sometimes you just can’t get it all off in the shower.) One of my arms was stained Espresso as well.

The overwhelming response to my skirt today leads me to believe that I look really, really bad most of the time.

And as I think about it, that makes sense. I spend my evenings covered in sawdust, and I have stopped showering.

Just kidding. I still shower regularly.

I think I just have a hard time getting motivated to put the effort into my appearance. For example, I am so lazy that I haven’t gotten a haircut in over 14 months.

I should also mention that I got “new shoes” for the summer.

I was so excited to get my new silver crocs in the mail that I tried them on with my tan dress pants immediately after getting home from work.

I’d like to say that it can only get better, but I don’t think that’s true. Am I just getting too old to care? Is practicality winning out in ways I never thought it would?

I will say that those Crocs are incredibly comfortable, especially when I wear them in public.

What about you? Please tell me I’m not the only one!





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