About Honeysuckle and Pine

Founded in 2015, Honeysuckle and Pine is a microbusiness that handcrafts wooden signs for people who: 

1.) have bare spots on their walls, and

2.) appreciate a simple, classy aesthetic.



Honeysuckle and Pine features simple designs on neutral backgrounds. Your home should feel elegant, not overcrowded. 


Honeysuckle and Pine creates signs that you won’t find  elsewhere. All designs are original and made to perfectly suit your personality. 


Honeysuckle and Pine signs are cut, sanded, stained, painted, and finished with care so you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. 

About the Signs


  • Honeysuckle and Pine uses 1/2-inch thick birch plywood to make your sign.
  • Birch plywood is stronger and more durable than the pine wood most sign makers use.
  • While pine wood easily dents and scratches, a birch plywood sign will withstand a great amount of wear and tear.
  • Birch plywood is sturdy enough to feel solid but is lightweight enough to easily hang on your walls.


Your sign is cut, sanded, and stained.

A specially-made stencil is created for your sign.

Your design is painted on the wood. 

Finish is applied for durability and beauty.

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  • Each Honeysuckle and Pine sign is sealed with two-coats of water-based finish for easy care and durability.
  • The matte/satin finish on the sign will eliminate most glare, but will appear smooth to the touch.
  • Because it is sealed, you will be able to clean and dust your sign with a clean, dry rag.
  • Be sure to keep your sign indoors. It is not made for outdoor use. 


About The Maker

Elissa Mitchell began woodworking in 2014 because she wanted to build furniture for her own home. Unwilling to waste scraps, she began creating home decor and painted wood signs for herself and others.

Today, Elissa owns and operates Honeysuckle and Pine. She specializes exclusively in handmade painted signs.