The Pens are currently playing game 6 in the Stanley Cup Final.

I am trying to watch, but I can’t stop thinking about the projects I’m planning on finishing this week. I have so many cool things in the works right now for some of my favorite people! (Favorite people who have custom orders with me: I think you’re really great for waiting. Thank you.)

I’m also doing my best to not talk to my husband right now. He spent the entire day helping me at The Neighborhood Flea. He also spent the last two days packing and unpacking the truck for the Flea, the last week dealing with a stressed out wife who hid in the basement 14 hours a day while getting ready for the Flea, and the last month listening to me talk about it.  The least I can do is leave him alone while he watches the game…. and not talk about (the Flea).

I’m not going to write about The Neighborhood Flea like I did with the Mars High School Softball Spring Craft Extravaganza (there was just so much to reflect upon after that craft show…tulle wreaths, grandma knitting bunny aprons, etc.), but I will say the Flea was quite a bit of fun. I sold some things. I ate Macaroni and Cheese from a food truck. I met fun people who appreciated my work. The best thing about it though, was that I got to sit by a couple of other incredible woodworkers.

You might think that this was a less than ideal situation, as I was seated next to the competition. And in fact, when I arrived, I was somewhat intimidated by Bobby Z’s mad welding and finishing skills. Also by the Wooden Whale’s beautiful (and level)  farmhouse tables. However, each vendor in the woodworking corner served a complementary portion of the market, and the experience was almost ethereal. We were like a woodworking triangle: three parts of a whole. Is the simile too much?

Finally! Somebody wanted to talk to me about saws! Thank you, my new woodworking friends. Thank you for entertaining me with your thoughts on polyurethane versus polycrylic.

So in the spirit of sharing, I offer you my thoughts on these vendors:

The Wooden Whale Workshop makes beautiful tables in a true farmhouse style: solid, quality wood, and did I say beautiful? Also, I mentioned before that their tables are level. That’s always important.  You might know these people since they are from Freeport, PA. They probably do not need my approval, as they have 2,164 likes on Facebook and I have 164. So there’s that. I don’t care; I still like them. And they were nice people. I made them talk to me about table extensions and general qualities of, well, wood for a very long time. They probably thought I was drunk.  I was not; I simply had very, very low blood sugar before I ate my macaroni and cheese.

Just look at those table extensions!
Just look at those table extensions!

Someone who had to listen to me complain about my ever-fluctuating blood sugar today was Bobby Zugec. Bobby owns B.Z. Wood Crafts, and he isn’t afraid to  scavenge railroad tracks for cool industrial hardware. What isn’t awesome about that? I tried to scavenge a woodpile on a farm last week and freaked out when I saw a snake, so yeah, good job Bobby Z. You can also tell that Bobby puts A. LOT. of time into his projects. You can tell because is stuff is cool and perfect. You know a person cares when he sands with 320 and 1200 grit. We bought a bottle opener made out of a railroad spike from Bobby Z. You can buy one, too on his ETSY shop. Or you can buy his industrial wine rack made from a Caterpillar Track Drive Sprocket. I don’t even know what I just wrote, and I’m pretty sure I misspelled something in that item listing title.

B.Z. Wood Craft’s Industrial Wine Rack


I suppose I should also mention the Mac & Gold Truck since I keep talking about it. I wanted a homemade popsicle, but Tom advised me that I needed to eat real food (blood sugar issues). Again, I don’t think these people need my endorsement with their 3,096 likes on Facebook ( superfluous, don’t you think?) Maybe they could endorse me instead (164)…


So it was all fun. A lot of work, too.

Here’s a picture of my booth, located in my triangle of woodworkers. It was my first outdoor show, and I got a corner spot! I also got a farmer’s tan!

Honeysuckle and Pine takes on the Neighborhood Flea.
Honeysuckle and Pine takes on the Neighborhood Flea.

We have 2:37 to go in the 3rd period, and now that I have verbally unloaded, I can finally focus on the important things in life: professional sporting events.

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